The Empire of Atlantium, Australia’s Smallest Country (Documentary)


The Empire of Atlantium, Australia’s Smallest Country (Documentary)

The Empire of Atlantium, Australia's Smallest Country (Documentary)
The Empire of Atlantium, Australia’s Smallest Country (Documentary)

The Empire of Atlantium is a self proclaimed micronation (microstate) in Australia, located just 4 hours south-west of Sydney. The ‘Empire’ has a total population of 3,000 people and the numbers just keep on growing due to the country’s citizenship policy. Anybody from anywhere in the world can simply apply online and become a citizen of this amazing micronation. Until now, people from over 100 countries have applied to become Atlantians.

The Empire of Atlantium was founded on November 27, 1981, by its current head of state, Emperor George II (George Francis Cruickshank). Emperor George II founded the country along with 2 of his cousins in his mother’s backyard and since then, ‘The Empire’ has become an international phenomena.

George II Imperator et Primvs Inter Pares Sovereign Head of State
George II Imperator et Primvs Inter Pares Sovereign Head of State

“Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations describes Atlantium as “a refreshing antidote to the reactionary self-aggrandisement of so many micronations”, and “an extremely sophisticated nation-state experiment, as well as an entirely serious claimant to legitimate statehood”.

The book’s entry on Atlantium notes its espousal of “progressive, liberal policies” and characterizes it as a “secular humanist utopia”.[2] Among the causes Atlantium supports are the right to unrestricted international freedom of movement, the right to abortion, the right to assisted suicide[3] and decimal calendar reform.

according to the Empire’s Wikipedia page.

Here’s a screenshot of the country’s official website. Here’s where to apply for citizenship.


“The Empire of Atlantium is a unique parallel sovereign state based in New South Wales, Australia.

Atlantium recognises that the days of nation-states founded on fixed geographical locations or majority ethnic identities are numbered, as global mobility, cultural evolution, and the growth of electronic communication networks render the assumptions that underlie and provide justification for their existence increasingly obsolete.

In an age where people increasingly are unified by common interests and purposes across – rather than within – traditional national boundaries Atlantium offers an alternative to the discriminatory historic practice of assigning nationality to individuals on the basis of accidents of birth or circumstance.

Atlantium has a heritage that spans three decades. What began as a local political statement by three Sydney teenagers on 3rd Decimus, 10500 (27th November, 1981) has since evolved into the world’s foremost non-territorial global sovereignty movement and state entity, with a diverse, rapidly growing population living in some ninety countries.

Atlantium is predicated on a belief in the inevitability and the desirability of eventual global social, economic and political union, and it operates as a secular, pluralistic, liberal, social democratic republican monarchy. We encourage the active participation of Citizens in the public life of the Empire, and invite anyone with the desire and motivation to forge their own destiny as a true citizen of the world to consider joining us.”

Signed by George II Imperator et Primvs Inter Pares Sovereign Head of State