Egyptian Billionaire Wants To Buy A Greek Island To Solve Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Photo: Huffington Post

Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, wants to buy a Greek island to solve Europe’s refugee crisis and this piece of news is spreading all over the world.

The billionaire announced that in order to solve Europe’s refugee crisis, that is taking place especially in the Mediterranean area of the continent, he would like to buy a Greek or Italian island and to build shelters for the refugees, that are mostly coming from Syria, Iraq and Northern Africa.

Concerned about the hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving daily in Europe’s shores, Naguib Sawiris wants to buy an island and proclaim it an independent state, where all the refugees from Syria, Iraq and Northern Africa will receive jobs and will be able to start a new life.



“Greece or Italy, sell me an island, I will declare its independence, I will accept the immigrants and I will offer them jobs in building a new country, Naguib Sawiris posted on Twitter. “You have tens of uninhabited islands that could host hundreds of thousands of refugees, he added.

The Egyptian billionaire announced that he will contact the national authorities from Athens and Rome in order to start the procedure that will end the European refugees crisis and he estimated that an island would cost anywhere between $10 to $100 millions.



Naguib Sawiris is a close friend of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian President, and owns the telecom giant Orascom. His net worth is estimated at $3,1 billions.

Given the fact that no European Union member state came up with a solution to solve the refugee crisis, what do you think about this plan? Is it possible? Will Greece or Italy (both facing major economic difficulties and the countries with the most refugees yet) decide to sell one of their islands? Is this the best solution for solving Europe’s refugee crisis?

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