Who’s The Dumbest Person In This Photo? Your Answer Says A Lot About You


Who’s The Dumbest Person In This Photo? Your Answer Says A Lot About You

Who's The Dumbest Person In This Photo? Your Answer Say A Lot About You
Who’s The Dumbest Person In This Photo? Your Answer Say A Lot About You

Who, in your opinion, is the dumbest person in this photo? Is it 1 – the guy who’s staring into the distance, not caring what the other guys are doing behind his back? Is it no.2, the guy in the white sweater, sawing away at no.1, all the while holding to the tree? Is it, maybe no.3, the guy is the brown shirt and short, or lastly, no.4, the guy with the hat?

Now, whatever your answer on who the dumbest person in this image is, it will be more of a representation of you and your personality, rather than who’s actually the dumbest – it’s a cartoon, after all. Nevertheless, it’s a relatively known fact that there’s no such thing as a ‘supreme reality,’ if you will, and each person sees the world through their own lens. In other words, any situation or different point of view we’re presented with is analyzed by us under the premise of what we will do if the roles were reversed – or that’s how we see it.

But the thing is that people as a whole aren’t all that different from one another, and they can be put together in several categories – like it’s the case here.

On the same principle also work other tests like the one with your favourite colour, the animal you spot first in a picture, and so on. In any case, here are the results to your answer here:

The meaning of your answer:

Number 1

If you’ve chosen this one as the dumbest person – just sitting there and waiting for the branch to fall – you are then someone who has the habit of giving up often. And while you do have your own opinion, you do find it hard to express that opinion or to actually have an influence on the situation you’re in. You’re not the kind of person to love arguing and love things to be quiet and peaceful. You’re also a kindhearted and honest individual.

Number 2

You’re generally a kind person, but you tend to make your decisions in a hurry. You don’t usually think the situation through, or look at the bigger picture. This sometimes leads you to make some mistakes that could have been easily avoided otherwise. It’s possible that the others around you see you as a bit stubborn.

Number 3:
If you’ve chosen number 3, then you’re the kind of person who hangs in there till the end. You very rarely give up for your beliefs, even to a fault. This may give you an advantage in business since you’ll try to find every possible solution.
Number 4
You’re the rebel in the group. You are known to sometimes fight against yourself on occasion. You usually are there to play the Devil’s Advocate and question everything, contemplating on its meaning.