Dress Code 101 – What To Wear and When For Both Him and Her



We live in a world where, for better or worse, the clothes you wear have more significance for many than the things you have to say. We have even evolved to a point were each occasion and gathering of people has a different dress code, depending on the event, the other people going and how uptight those people are. Why couldn’t people be who they are and show it? Well maybe that’s the whole point, right?

Clothes, more often than not, change the way we feel about ourselves, how we act around others and even the way we walk. If we like and feel good in the clothes that we’re wearing, nothing seems to go wrong that day. The opposite is also true.

Nevertheless we constantly hear words like smart casual, semi-formal or business when it comes to a dress code, depending on the type of party and if you’re not into that sort of thing and live the easy life, you don’t know what those exactly mean. So, thank to the guys at MannixMarketing, we are able to share this infographic with you, showing exactly what these terms mean, what you should wear depending on the event and some useful tips for both men and women.