Dreamlike Paintings Feature Ethereal Girls in Friendship with Wild Animals


Dreamlike Paintings Feature Ethereal Girls in Friendship with Wild Animals


We first discovered self-taught artist Amy Sol in 2009, and she continues to dazzle us with her dreamy and delicate illustrations. Using an intuitive process, she reflects subjective themes to be interpreted by the viewer.

Sol experiments with mixed mediums—including acrylic and oil paint on wood, as well as gouache and graphite on paper—to render her distinctive palette of muted candy colors and pastels. These sweetly subdued tones lend themselves to her whimsical compositions, typically featuring young women with the ethereal aura of pixies or other mystical characters, interacting peacefully with wild animals that range from foxes to butterflies to elephants and more. The scenes are set in organic but ethereal landscapes like those of fairytales: celestial skies glimmer close enough to touch, vines intertwine with the girls’ long locks of hair, and flowering fields form labyrinths around the characters’ ankles.

Sol lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, but she was born in Korea, and her style accordingly recalls a mix of cultural influences, including both manga and folk art, as well as both vintage and modern design. Together, these inspirations produce a truly unique vision, with every illustration more captivating than the last.


amy_sol Midnight Garden After The Rain AmySol_artwork Boreal Dream AmySol_Brambles amysol_web Artwork Artwork Artwork artwork AmySolBeacon AmySolBelow_the_Arbor AmySolCarried_by_Golden_Light AmySolCosmic_Lichen AmySoldream_begins AmySoldust_wings AmySoleverything AmySolflying_fish AmySolGoldenCay AmySolMigration DarlingOpaline