Don’t Mind These Squirrels, They’re Just Doing Regular Human Stuff


Really, don’t mind these squirrels, because they’re just like you and I when it comes to performing daily activities like eating, taking the baby outside for a nice walk or just barbecuing in the backyard.

Guidance counselor and passionate photographer Nancy Rose has a special group of friends, living right in her back yard. These small, furry little fellas seem to be very fond of their human neighbor, in fact they are so close to Nancy that they even started embracing some human habits and day to day “rituals”.

Think it’s Photoshop? Think again!


Take for example barbecuing
Don't Mind These Squirrels, They're Just Doing Regular Human Stuff
Don’t Mind These Squirrels, They’re Just Doing Regular Human Stuff
…and painting


Or better yet doing the laundry


And hanging the clothes up for drying, of course!


Storing the fresh dried clothes on coat hangers is a must!


“All this work made me starve! How about some peanut stew?”


Still no mail from cousin Scrat…


Would this go well with my fluffy tail?


Priceless memories: The first family member to finish college. 


Now let’s get ready for the weekend!


… or for a glamorous winter pram walk


You can purchase Nancy’s cute pictures right from GettyImages or you can order a calendar by emailing her