Don’t Know Who This Guy Is? Oh, Nobody, Just the Only Man That Was Ever Buried on the Moon!



This is the only man that was ever buried on the Moon! If you are reading this article, then you probably don’t know who this guy is. Right? Well we’ll tell you. It’s nobody, just the only man that was ever buried on the Moon!

Don’t stress yourself too much about it because surprisingly, this is not common information! We only found out about it recently and we wanted to spread the knowledge.

The first and only man ever buried on the Moon is Eugene Merle Shoemaker (April 28, 1928 – July 18, 1997), who was an American geologist and one of the founders of planetary science. Eugene Merle Shoemaker, better know in the academic field as Gene Shoemaker, made a name for himself when he co-discovered the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, along with his wife and fellow scientist David Levy.

You would think that the only man that was ever buried on the Moon would have a certain amount of fame by now, but no. That’s not the case of Eugen Merle Shoemaker.

Although he discovered a comet and founded a new field of study in his domain, he still didn’t manage to achieve his life long dream of going into space. Gene Shoemaker die in 1997, in a violent car accident in Australia.


Gene Shoemaker wearing a Bell Rocket Belt while training astronauts.

On July 31, 1999, just 13 days after his death, his colleagues made his wish come through, by sending his ashes to the Moon, inside the Lunar Prospector space probe, in a capsule specially designed by Carolyn Porco, an American planetary scientist.

Gene Shoemaker’s memorial capsule was covered with brass foil wrapping inscribed with images of the Hale-Bopp Comet, the Barringer Crater and this quotation from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:

“And, when he shall die
Take him and cut him out in little stars
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”


The remains of Gene Shoemaker were buried on (in!) the Moon, in honor of the great scientist and visionary!