DIY Vacation Cabin Costs Only $1,200! Enjoy Nature In An A-Frame Home!

DIY Vacation Cabin

This DIY vacation cabin costs only $1,200! Enjoy nature in an A-frame home! Such a little cozy cabin is the stuff every camper’s dreams are made of and with a total price of only $1,200, you’d have to be crazy not to even think about making one for yourself.

The DIY vacation cabin has only 80 sq feet (7.43 sq meters) but it offers almost all the modern conveniences you’ll need on a camping trip.

For a tiny home that you can build yourself, and again, considering the price, this A-frame house is a pretty cool and nifty place to stay while you’re on a fishing trip or just out in the woods for the weekend.

The DIY cabin comes with a bed, sink, storage space, mini-fridge and an overhead loft and you can also open the roof extension where you can adjust a sleeping porch, complete with another bed and a mosquito net covering.


DIY Vacation Cabin

“The impetus for the design was to keep things damn simple and very affordable.” says Derek Diedricksen from Relaxshacks, the man behind this DIY cabin!

DIY Vacation Cabin

Another cool thing about this tiny cabin is that you can easily transport it anywhere you decide to travel and the plans to build it are available online only for just $29.95!

DIY Vacation Cabin

DIY Vacation Cabin

DIY Vacation Cabin