Twelve DIY Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier – Not Really


Twelve DIY Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier – Not Really

DIY life hacks, in general, help us in our daily lives. They’re almost inconspicuous, but they’re definitely appreciated when we have a use for them. Well, not all of them, of course. And to prove it, here are some that don’t. Enjoy!

The time of efficiency is upon us. This first of life hacks here shows u how to heat up our pastry without using any other form of energy other than the one we’re already wasting.

Who isn’t a fan of noodles, right? And who doesn’t want to have one at the office? Well, there might be a problem if you don’t have a spoon at hand. Well, here’s a solution for you. You just need a fork and some tape. 
Another photo that speaks volumes about human efficiency and ingenuity. Why use two things when one will do, right?
We constantly hear about scientists wasting their years away trying to figure out ways of renewable and infinite energy. Well, here it is! They can now go home to their families.
As seen here, balls are a waste of space. So, for better storage, cut them in half and you can store almost twice as many in the same space.
A DIY vest made out of spikes can and will give you enough room on a crowded bus.
Why buy a brand new coffee table on which to eat while watching TV when you can use your old toilet seat instead? You don’t even need to bend over.
For all the publicity against drinking and driving car manufacturers make, they sure have made it convenient to do so.
If your phone is too small to see the videos, then just dip it in water.
Have a snack on the road.
Keep a glove filled with beans on your baby’s back so he will think that you’re always there for him.
Why buy new socks when a black marker will do?