DIY Cardboard Maze Will Keep Your Cats Busy For Hours

DIY Cardboard Maze Will Keep Your Cats Busy For Hours

This DIY cardboard maze will keep your cats busy for hours and not only will they have something to besides destroying your house, but they’ll also have a lot of fun trying to figure everything out.

Being the owner of 9 cats can definitely trigger your imagination and this is exactly the case for the person that invented this DIY cardboard maze for kittens.

All you need in order to build this DIY cardboard maze for your cats is to start saving up all those boxes you usually throw away or keep your winter clothes in. Line up as many cardboard boxes as you can find and create the perfect cat maze for your little furry friends.

You’ll probably love this idea so much, you’ll even try to adapt it to see if your other pets will like it and who knows, maybe even a DIY cardboard maze for kids could be in plan next.

How do you keep your cats and other pets busy when you don’t have time to play with them or to take them out? Give us some original ideas and we’ll be sure to publish them on our website, because who doesn’t love a good DIY story about animals?