Digging For WWII Treasure and You’ll Not Believe What You Can Find!

WWII Treasure

Some Russian guys got themselves a metal detector and were searching through some famous WWII battlegrounds. Among the many weapons, ammo, explosives and sometimes even bodies discovered, they also found something quite unique and unexpected.

In fact these guys are working together with some organisations in the hopes of returning memorabilia and relics to the WWII soldiers’ families.

It really makes you wonder what else is there, in a forgotten field or under a busy street, just a few feet below our feet.


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34The WWII treasure hunters found in this instance a metal box, just a couple of feet below the ground. In it they discovered the belongings of one German soldier who fought on the Eastern Front.

Whatever happened to him remains a mystery, but since he did’t retrieve his belongings, we can assume the worst.

WWII Treasure

7 8 Surprisingly enough, this WWII treasure was kept in very good condition all these years. The diggers were able to discover, the soldier’s uniform, or maybe his spare, photographs of his family, two boxes of cigars and two bottles of Jamaican rum.

They would have drunk them then and there and would had smoked some of the cigars, but they pledged that they would return all of the soldier’s belongings to his living relatives.

Luckily, among this forgotten riches, the WWII treasure hunters also discovered the soldiers dog tags, which will help them greatly in discovering who he was, where he came from and who are his closest relative living today.

WWII Treasure

We hope all the best for these guys who are bringing a smile on people’s faces who have lost family members in that great and horrible war. Hopefully future generations would not have to do this again and that wars, all over the planet, will soon enough become a thing of the past.