Dad Designed His Newborn Daughter’s Sleeping Pattern Into An Amazing Graph


Dad Designed His Newborn Daughter’s Sleeping Pattern Into An Amazing Graph

All parents out there can almost instantly recognise what this is. A first-time parent, Andrew Elliot, an industrial designer, has created a graph showing his newborn daughter’s sleeping pattern and habits for the first two years of her life.

Many scientists can agree that this graph here is quite an astute observation on any infant’s first few months on this earth when it comes to their sleeping.

“I was recording her sleeping times because as a first-time parent I thought I would do whatever it took to keep her alive (so far so good),” Elliot wrote (she’s now two years old).

“When you’re a new, sleep-deprived parent, it’s hard to notice changes in patterns like this, but the visualisations make it very clear.”

To understand this chart, you first have to visualise it as a regular, 24-hour clock; not a 12-hour clock, like most clocks are. Midnight is located at the very top, and every hour is represented by an equal 24 “pizza slice”. His daughter’s first day is represented by the innermost circle, and her sleeping hours are represented in blue while her waking hours, in tan.

Like with every other infant, her first few days were spent mostly asleep at irregular intervals, and up to as much as 18 hours a day. But as she grows and develops, her sleeping schedule becomes more regular and in longer intervals.

One month into it and we can see a period of reverse cycling, where Elliot’s daughter was asleep mostly during the day, then awake at night.

“I especially like the flip in the early months where she mostly slept through the day and (was) awake at night,” Elliot wrote.

“It was terrible going through that stage. I didn’t know whether my mind was over-exaggerating it, but when seeing it here it is clear.”

In any case, as time went on, his daughter’s sleep became more and more regulated. And now, Andrew Elliot is planning on making this graph into an actual clock to put in his daughter’s room.