Dad Creates Colorful Minimalist Posters to Help His Young Daughter Expand Her Vocabulary


Dad Creates Colorful Minimalist Posters to Help His Young Daughter Expand Her Vocabulary


London-based graphic designer Mick Watson of Smart Giant has created a colorful collection of prints that consist of various difficult words coupled with simple visual components. The ongoing project, known as The Graphic Dictionary of Interesting Words, reveals the meaning of complex and often obscure terms through simple but charming illustrations. By pairing the archaic words with as few strokes or shapes as possible, these clever minimalistic creations help make the task of expanding one’s lexicon a little more straightforward.

Watson actually began the project as a means of supplementing his daughter’s vocabulary. Originally conceived as a Word of the Day project for the young girl, he began pairing eye-catching colors and simple icons with short explanations. He first started pulling words from any source he came across—the dictionary, books, online articles, real-life conversations with friends, and even Twitter. Watson’s posters managed to have a strong visual draw that lodged each word’s definition into one’s memory. From there, the simple educational project of a dad trying to help quench his daughter’s thirst for knowledge grew, and he decided to share his prints with more and more people.

Since its inception, Watson has continued to expand The Graphic Dictionary of Interesting Words, adding “pages” to the visual dictionary on his website and Instagram. The artist also has prints of each piece available through his online shop.


D_5_Desuperpollicate E_2_Effulgent E_3_Earworm G_2_Gloriole graphicdictionarydeasil graphicdictionaryfunambulist graphicdictionaryurbacity H_1_Heliotropism2015 J_1_Juxtapose K_1_Kinesthesia K_3_Kalopsia_2 K_5_Keraunoscopia L_1_Lalochezia M_1_Mellifluous P_3_Palamate Q_6_Quitch T_1_Tintinnabulation V_5_Vespertine Y_2_Yantra Z_1_Zephyr