Bowfishing – The Best Kind of Fishing


Bowfishing – The Best Kind of Fishing

Bowfishing Fishing - The Best Kind of Fishing
The Best Kind of Fishing

Many enjoy the sport of fishing primarily because they do not have to do much in between throwing in the line and pulling in the catch. This, obviously, doesn’t apply to every fisherman out there, with many others looking for something more engaging. And nothing is more thrilling in fishing than using a bow or crossbow to get the job done.

Known usually as bowfishing, this sport combines everything that’s best from both activities. By making use of a bowfishing crossbow pistol, hunters shoot specially-designed arrows attached to a line that will be used to reel in the fish once it has been shot. Bowfishing can be done with a regular bow, but more and more sportsmen find the bowfishing crossbow pistol a much better and reliable alternative.

Bowfishing is generally done in calm, clear waters, and at close range. There are also special glasses that allow hunters to see through certain kinds of murky waters. One important characteristic that sets bowfishing apart from the classical fishing method is that it allows for the capture of larger fish.

Now, even though a fishing crossbow pistol can be used on smaller fish equally as well, the sport does tend to favor the larger species. Bolts and arrows used for bowfishing are heavier and sturdier than regular ones, even more so than those used for big game hunting. These sort of crossbow bolts don’t even require fletching since this sport is generally done at close range and fletching can make an arrow or bolt twist and turn once in the water. They are made to withstand the jerking and pulling motions the fish do while they are being reeled in.

While bowfishing is usually done from shore and following the water line, it can be done equally as well from a boat. The so-called, john boats or canoes are the best alternatives in low water. In open waters, however, larger boats can accommodate several hunters at once, and some have been customized specifically for this sport. They have raised shooting platforms, and power generators to provide for several lights to be used at night.

Some hunters also opt to wade through the water while bowfishing, allowing them to get more close and personal with their prey. One particular strategy often used here is to have a group of three hunters working together. While one of them will be standing in a strategic location, the other two will be jumping from rock to rock, ‘herding’ the fish towards him.

All in all, bowfishing is an inexpensive sport, needing limited gear to be enjoyed by fishermen and hunters alike. And it is definitely a more engaging activity than conventional fishing.