Cropping Images Changes Everything – The Truth Behind Travel Photos


broken India

Cropping images changes everything when it comes to travel photos. Launched by Limitless, a new Indian company in Singapore, the campaign challenges the rosy picture painted by “Beautiful India” and reveals the poverty and pollution that plague the country.

Not all images show the poverty India is in at the moment, but seeing where those photos were taken in the first place, change the perspective for most.

“By bringing ‘Broken India’ to light, we really wanted to strike a raw nerve,” Limitless told Buzzfeed. “Only when people realize the state of affairs and break out of their comfort zones, is when they can start to make a difference. A bit of negativity is essential for positive change.

Besides cropping images, we really need to show the truth, not only so people know what to expect when they decide to visit, but also to put the real situation into the public light and raise awareness of what is really going on. We today live in a globalized world. We no longer need to hide our problems and shortcomings from the rest of the world, but instead show them and work together for the good of all of us.