Record-Breaking Costa Rica Uses 100% Renewable Energy for 113 Days (and Running)



In an ever increasing demand for energy, Costa Rica can pride itself in the fact that it was able to generate 100 percent of its energy needs solely from green sources for 113 days strait. Costa Rica was also able to produce 99% of renewable energy, renouncing fossil fuels for a total of 285 days, and now the country’s goal is to make it a whole 365 days, year after year.

Though it might seem o bit out there, their plans aren’t without logic or merit. Costa Rica, as opposed to many other countries around the world, has access to a large number of renewable energy sources. Located in the tropics, the country has ample sunshine. Moreover, the tropical rainfalls ensure a steady electricity input coming from hydroelectric dams. There’s also the wind, biomass and geothermal sources which Costa Rican can and has already tapped into.

Though it seems like a paradise, Costa Rica’s pristine landscapes stand to show what can be done when environmental policies are put in place and executed. Let’s just hope that the tiny nation can become an example worth following around the world. Air pollution, unlike many other of the world’s problems, can’t be confined within any country’s borders. So, even if Costa Rica will be able to achieve its goal, which it will inevitably o in the next couple of years, the problem of global warming and climate change will still affect it like the rest of the world.

And even though environmental policies help to a great extent, like was the case here, nothing can ever be done without the willingness and the active interest of the people for who these policies are implemented. In short, it’s not really so much a problem of government, but rather what each individual person does around the globe. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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