Company Is Building Flying Taxis That Carry Passengers Over Traffic


Company Is Building Flying Taxis That Carry Passengers Over Traffic

Who among us hasn’t dreamt that this could one day become a reality?

Can you imagine that flying taxis could become a reality in the foreseeable future? Who here hasn’t at least once been stuck in traffic and then looked up at a flock of birds flying idly by, unencumbered by the gridlock below. Then you would daydream how great it would be if we too could fly just like those birds up there, all the while you were breathing in the fumes from all the cars around you.

Well, if you did, which you most likely did, then rest assured that you weren’t alone. And what’s more, there are some people who’ve made it their business and goal in life to make that happen. Probably because they were truly excited every time the Jetsons were on TV, who knows? Anyway, the entire concept is known as “Project Vahana”, which is comprised of an entire fleet of autonomous flying taxis, specially made to carry people right over traffic jams.

Autoblog relays that Airbus has just announced the plans for this project and that they’ll start testing these flying taxis as early as 2017. If proven viable and after enough testing and necessary adjustments, people would be able to call upon such flying taxis and booking passage to another helipad somewhere else in the city. They’ll then board one such CityAirbus drone alongside other such passengers and they’ll be on their way.



Another interesting fact about these flying taxis is that they’ll cost you about the same as a regular cab fare. But considering that they’ll be undoubtedly faster than regular taxis, not to mention the fact that you’ll be flying, it surely is something to look forward to.

But since self-driving cars haven’t yet made a significant appearance on the world stage, it will probably be some years before we will see these flying taxis zipping above our heads while we’re in our cars waiting to get home after a long day’s work.

Airbus-Vahana-Flying-Taxi-2-1020x610-768x459 Airbus-Vahana-Flying-Taxi-1020x610-768x459