Clever Cheat Sheet Helping You Become A Vegetable Gardener


Clever Cheat Sheet Helping You Become A Vegetable Gardener


Many people want to become gardeners in their lives, but they don’t know how and where to start. Some are just lazy and only say they want to do it, while others are scared they’re going to mess something up and don’t start altogether. Well, they’re probably right and it’s quite possible to get several things wrong on your first try.

But try not to worry, because we have this clever cheat sheet helping you become a vegetable gardener in your own right. Besides showing what what you should plant where and when, it also shows you which plants and vegetables work together and why. By following these tips, you can maximize your space, all the while using each plant’s ability to deter pests or fertilize soil.

If you’re really committed in doing this, we would recommend you print out this infographic so you could have it handy every time you need it. Don’t worry, if you click on it it will become bigger and you can see all its details. Anyway, eating healthy should be a normal and logical way o life, and there’s nothing more healthy than growing your on food. This way, you’ll learn how to cook, if you don’t know already, not to mention you’ll be helping the planet and the environment recover.