Christmas Around The World In 10 Spectacular Photos


Christmas around the world is celebrated very differently, depending on the local traditions, but no matter where you are in the world, happiness is the common element of the season.

Some people decorate their Christmas tree, while others light candles, some people hang up their socks for Santa Claus to bring them presents, and some people shine up their boots for the same reason.

This is why Christmas is so beautiful, so different, so festive. People from all over the world gather around with their loved ones on the 25th of December, each year, and celebrate together, in moments of peace and pure joy.

Merry Christmas in all the languages around the world!

Here’s how Christmas around the world in 10 spectacular photos looks like!


Potomatic River, Alexandria, Virginia, US


Iraqi Christian holding a cross made out of candles in Baghdad


Antakya Orthodox Church in Hatay, Turkey


Christmas charity event in Seoul, South Korea


Christmas parade in Pushkinskaya Square, Moscow, Russia


Nigerian pilgrims at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank


Bethlehem Christmas square, West Bank


Pope Francis kissing a little baby Jesus figurine, Vatican


Christmas Eve Mass at the Catholic Church from Beijing, China


Woman performing “The Song of Sybil” in Barcelona, Spain

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