Chinese Man Buys Dog Slaughterhouse for $400K and Transforms it Into A Shelter



Wang Yan is a dog lover who was looking to adopt a furry friend. Trying his luck in a variety of places, he ended up visiting a dog slaughterhouse. What he saw there made him not only adopt a dog, but also to take on an even greater challenge. “I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail. Finally someone let me go into (a local slaughterhouse) to try my luck there.”  

Knowing he couldn’t live with himself, after seeing what was happening behind closed doors, he decided to invest a significant amount o money in order to buy the slaughterhouse and transform it into a dog shelter.


Wang Yan, who is from Jilin province in China, owns a steel manufacturing business and doesn’t accept any money donations when it comes to the shelter. Since he was able to purchase it and transform it, he was able to save around 2,000 pups. Currently there are somewhere around 200 dogs at the shelter, but at some point being around one thousand. He hopes tat soon enough loving citizens will find it n their hearts to adopt the remaining 200 dogs and give them a loving home.