Chart Showing What To Do To Lower Your Carbon Footprint


Chart Showing What To Do To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Chart Showing What To Do To Lower Your Carbon Footprint
Chart Showing What To Do To Lower Your Carbon Footprint – image via

This chart here  will show you what an average person can do in order to cut down on his or her own carbon footprint. Now, as you can imagine, there are a lot of things that you can do to lower your carbon footprint – stuff like recycling, changing your lightbulbs, buying an electric car and so on. But all of them, of course, have a different impact.

When you’ll look at this chart, try not to be distressed about how seemingly little impact some of these things have. You should take not that it is represented in tonnes of CO2, so that’s a lot. And you should also factor in the fact that there are currently well over 7 billion people. Not to mention the fact that the number is rising with every passing second. So, even though whatever you are doing or are planning to do seems small, things really add up over a large number of people.

What immediately strikes anyone who is looking at this chart is that having a kid is by far the most carbon intensive of them all, and by comparison makes all the others look like they’re not even worthwhile. Nevertheless, the graph does speak for itself, doesn’t it, so, it does make adoption seem like something to take into account more seriously.

This chart has been put together by two researchers from the Lund University in Sweden and the University of British Columbia in Canada. They set out to analyse “a comprehensive suite of lifestyle choices to identify those with the greatest potential to reduce individual greenhouse gas emissions.”

The took into account 39 peer-reviewed papers, government reports and other studies aimed at reducing an average person’s carbon footprint.

But when looking at this chart, there is something that isn’t mentioned, and that is the power of leading by example. So, for instance, if you were to change your lifestyle and stop eating meat as much, and then convince one or two of your friends to do the same, 0.8 tCO2 per year turns into 1.6, or even 2.4. Now imagine if you convince some people to adopt their second child, let’s say.