The A Chapel, Minimalism At Its Finest


The A Chapel, Minimalism At Its Finest


The A chapel is a structure heavily inspired by the art of American sculptor Richard Serra. With immaculate sense of minimalism, Serra uses heavy steel sheets and makes them flow seemingly lightly, and fit perfectly as either an indoor or outdoor installation. Though it is called a chapel, it does not center on a specific religion.

It serves as a beacon of light, a gathering point and place for meditation. It strongly defies and interrupts the horisontality of the plain in Vojvodina, northern Serbia. The structure consists of two entities. One is the ramp made out of cor-ten sheets and the other is the roof made with steel sheets, both entities are reinforced with a steel sub-structure.

This place of worship is set in a place and a country where the need for a multi religion is relatively high. Now, regardless of its unusual shape and its location, the chapel can bring a nation of people together, even though it could take some time. Nevertheless, the A chapel can really make some good, even though it won’t be accredited for it. In time things will change all over the place, we just need to hope that this will happen before we reach a point of implosion.


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