Carvalho Araújo’s Gerês House in Portugal Combines Wooden and Concrete Volumes



This horizontally-formed house by braga-based studio carvalho araújo is located within Portugal’s only national park. located on a steep slope in the caniçada valley, ‘gerês house’ replaces the site’s previous structure, which was demolished due to landslide risk. The new construction takes advantage of its hillside setting, with access provided from the upper level. From here, inhabitants are offered sweeping views across the picturesque landscape, characterized by the winding route of a passing stream that culminates in a small pool bordered by an area of decking.

This house in Portugal appears as two interlocking blocks — an elevated wooden volume sitting atop its sturdy concrete base. The use of these two materials continues inside the property. Rather than designing a conventional internal program, the architects sought to include large, functional, and multipurpose spaces — allowing occupants to combine programs related to both pleasure and work.

The dwelling’s primary social area is a centrally positioned living room that extends to the outside via a large terrace. The kitchen and services are arranged on the same floor as the living room, with more intimate spaces found at the upper story.


the scheme is located in portugal’s only national park
an elevated wooden volume sits atop its sturdy concrete base
a sheltered jacuzzi is incorporated into the design
the architects sought to include large, functional, and multipurpose spaces
the dwelling’s primary social area is the centrally positioned living room
sleeping accommodation at the upper level
a concrete terrace is set amid the trees – house in Portugal
the property illuminated at dusk