Can Vertical Farms Feed Entire Cities?



It is estimated that by 2050 over 80% of the entire world population will be leaving in urban areas. That’s roughly 50 million people per day either are born into or move into cities on a daily basis. An most of these people will continue to rely on others living in the countryside for their food.

While it is true that with ever better technologies we are able to produce more food at lower cost and less manpower, present day agriculture is still responsible for 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Arable land also occupies almost half of the planet’s surface and uses up to 80% of fresh water we consume.

Can vertical farms feed entire cities? The people at Dickson have come up with an info-graph of a theoretical, 30 story vertical farm which can feed roughly 50,000 people with a 2000 calorie per day diet throughout the year. Hope you enjoy and you learn something about vertical farming in the process.

We need to take into account the immense strain we put our planet through in order to maintain our way of life. We use more than 40% of the entire landmass to grow our food and many animals went extinct because of it.

By making use of vertical farms, we will be able to free up much needed space which we taken over with agriculture. This way we will be able to preserve the beauty of our planet and give back the glory she once had. Pristine nature could once again be all around us, only is we decide to go up with vertical farms.