By 2019 Norway’s Capital of Oslo Will Ban Cars In The City Center



By 2019 Norway‘s Capital of Oslo will ban cars in the city center. After seeing the massive success Paris had after it banned cars in the city for one day, Oslo also aims to go car-free, but this time permanently. These new regulations will be imposed on personal cars with the exception on those which bring disabled people, public transport and supply vehicles.

To compensate, the city wants to build an extra 60 kilometers of bike lanes within the city center and even offer subsidizes for electric bikes. The public transport system will also receive a massive boost in terms of investments and infrastructure. The first goal is that by 2019, all the current residents who live in the city center (about 1,000), together with the other 90,000 people who work there will travel exclusively on bikes or public transport.


By 2030, the Norwegian municipality hopes to reduce the number of total vehicles in the city by a third. Besides the obvious health benefits of cleaner air and less pollution, fuel consumption will drop for those who will still have cars.

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Oslo’s Green Party lead negotiator, believes the change will benefit everyone. She told reporters: “We want to make it better for pedestrians, cyclists. It will be better for shops and everyone.” “In 2030, there will still be people driving cars, but they must be zero-emissions,”

With this new plan, Norway is one step closer to reaching its 2020 goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 50% below its 1990 levels.