Bring Magic Into Your Life with These Beautiful Nature Inspired Jewelry

nature inspired jewelry

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life which bring the most joy… a walk in the park on a sunny day or a trip to the beach with friends. Sandra who runs the SomeMagic shop on Etsy can vouch for the magic and beauty of the natural world.

Creating her charming handmade and nature inspired jewelry with flower petals, dandelions and even moss, her work has an ethereal and magical feel. Sandra started off small and posted a few of her works online. From there, the demand became huge and she now makes jewelry full time from her home-workshop.

Sandra says, “With a pinch of pixie dust, a touch of moonstone, a strand of unicorn hair, and of course SomeMagic, I materialize my fantasy world into tiny, beautiful realities that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Add SomeMagic to your life and experience the wonder by yourself. Prepare to be spellbound!”

Every time you look at any of these pieces of nature inspired jewelry, you can see the universe or a constellation, or even a piece of the natural world, here back on Earth. Whatever the piece, it will definitely make you fell more grounded and more in tune with yourself and everything around you.


dandelion-earrings dandelion-lightbulb-necklace flower-necklace full-moon-ring glass-moss-necklace lavender-necklace leaf-bracelet moss-bottle-necklace moss-earrings moss-necklace sea-shells-bottle-necklace solar-system-necklace solar-system-necklace-moon space-bracelets