Bricklayer Turns Stone Into Amazing Rock Art


When Johnny Clasper abandoned his apprenticeship as a bricklayer, he soon discovered another talent. One who could turn ordinary pebbles and discarded stones into gorgeous landscape rock art.


Rock Artist

As a bricklayer, Johnny Clasper was taught that walls and other small structures could only be laid down in a rectangular sort of way. He rejected the idea and showed the world that beauty can come with curves.


Stone Beehive

As a stonemason, Johnny has learned that nature is not all sharp angles. He’s embraced the different shapes found in nature.


Follow The Red Brick Road

A pretty spiral landscaping piece adds flowing texture to an otherwise mundane backyard lawn.


Pebble Spirals

He’s managed to use both sharp angles and curves to create infinite rock spirals.


Hole In The Wall

How creative! A wavy shaped wall with its own peephole. Or, maybe it’s so little critters can jump through.


Stoic Seahorse

This beautiful seahorse was crafted out of nothing but slate rock and a vivid imagination.


Circle Around Folks

A 3D effect can be seen in this pebble and brick arrangement.


Balanced Rock

Johnny makes working with rocks fun by precariously balancing these different shaped stones on top of each other.


Patio With A Drain

A small rock whirlpool in the corner of this patio looks like it could work to drain water after a rain shower.


Rock Waterfall

Johnny has cleverly used long and thin bits of slate rock to create the illusion of fast-flowing water.


Simple Lines

This square rock-filled mosaic still looks amazing with its simplistic clean lines.


Wall Of Swirls

I’m not sure how this wall just doesn’t fall apart. But with his bricklaying background, Johnny knows how to keep his work intact.


Giant Scorpion

This scorpion’s stinger is harmless, although it certainly looks real enough to keep the pests away!


Crystal Wall

Can you spot the crystal ball cleverly hidden as the centerpiece of this wall?


Patio Mosaic

Here, Johnny created a beautiful mosaic piece on an otherwise plain looking patio. I wonder if he can mass produce this pattern as a floor tile.


Meet The Man

As Johnny poses next to one of his creations, you call tell he has a true artistic soul.