Brathwait is Revolutionizing the Luxury Watch Industry by Cutting Out the Middleman


Brathwait is Revolutionizing the Luxury Watch Industry by Cutting Out the Middleman


Accessories can make or break an outfit, and choosing the right pairings can be an overwhelming task, but there’s one staple that has a classic quality and unique ability to match a person’s outfit time and time again—a watch. It’s a device with the purpose of telling time, but it’s more than just a timepiece—it’s also a visual statement of style.

Many retailers offer watches that make you choose between quality and affordability. You have to sacrifice a large portion of your paycheck for quality. Fortunately, as a team dedicated to staying on the pulse of revolutionary trends, we discovered Brathwait—a brand of watches that cuts out the middleman to offer high quality wristwatches for a fraction of the typical retailer’s price.

Brathwait first caught our eye with its sleek and slim, minimalist design, and really piqued our interest with the big, bold statement on their website: Welcome to a New Era: Is it really a bad idea to sell at fair prices? The company believes in transparency. They lay out the entirety of costs that go into making each watch and reveal a comparison of costs between what they charge (solely as an online store, no middleman involved) and what a high quality watch like theirs would be sold for through retailers, who require payment and profits on their end at the cost of the customer. The numbers are staggering.


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This focus on the cost of each watch is a crucial plus for Brathwait. Their site states: “Our $150 slim wristwatch is made at the same factories used by the high-end designer brands… but we don’t inflate the cost artificially to make room for middlemen. Same materials and same factories as $500 to $3000 brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price.” By cutting out all the stages in between the initial cost of production and actually selling to the public, there’s a dramatic amount of money saved by customers, without sacrificing quality. This business model is something that could very well revolutionize the entire industry.

Whether you’re a fashionable, dapper gent or a casual, sporty guy, Brathwait has a variety of styles, faces, and straps available. Each timepiece is designed with interchangeable quick release straps, making it extremely easy to switch between styles for any given event.

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As if their watches weren’t wallet-friendly enough, their online store offers free worldwide shipping. Returns are also free within 30 days after delivery. You can see many more of Brathwait’s collection on their website, as well as an in-depth look at the materials used and the cost of every single element.