The African Boy With Stunningly Blue Eyes


The African Boy With Stunningly Blue Eyes

The African Boy With The Stunningly Blue Eyes
The African Boy With Stunningly Blue Eyes – photo by Eric Lafforgue

Blue eyes are said to have first appeared north of the Black Sea, in what is now, present-day Ukraine, some 10,000 years ago. In fact, the oldest remains of a person who was known to have had blue eyes, according to his DNA analysis, date back to 7 to 8 thousand years ago and was found in present-day northwestern Spain.

What’s even more interesting here is the fact that this 30 to 35-year-old man also had black skin, like people living in Sub-Saharan Africa today. And according to the analysis, it turns out that this man’s genetic makeup is found in pretty much all other Europeans today. It is known that blue eyes developed before light skin in people, and almost every person in the world today, who has blue eyes, can trace back their lineage to one single individual. The reason behind this is still somewhat of a mystery for scientists, but one theory behind it is that people with blue eyes were seen as more attractive, even by prehistoric people, and in turn, had more success when it came to having kids.

But unlike the blue eyes, which evolved in Europe, light skin first appeared in the Middle East and only then it moved into Europe. In any case, from a genetic and evolutionary standpoint, blue eyes and light skin are an advantage when it comes to living in higher altitudes on the planet. While a darker complexion and dark eyes are an advantage in places with a lot of UV exposure, due to the high levels of melanin found in them, blue eyes and white skin become helpful when the sun is not so often found in the sky.


Eric Lafforgue

But these rules don’t necessarily apply to Abushe, a boy who lives in southern Ethiopia. His case, though not unique in the world, does bring an incredible contrast between his dark skin complexion and stunningly and almost marble-like blue eyes.

This is because Abushe is suffering from the Waardenburg syndrome. This condition is genetic that often times presents itself with partial or complete hearing loss, and changes in colour when it comes to the skin, eyes, or hair. This hearing loss can also develop over time in either one or both ears, and the eyes can appear like Abushe’s, or even be of different colours. If it affects the hair, some people can show patches of grey hair, There also more severe cases of the syndrome.

These photos were taken by Eric Lafforgue                                                                 (Source)