BOUCAT TOSS: Forget About Throwing Flowers, Brides Throwing Cats is the New Thing



Cats. Everybody knows them and everybody loves them. People love cats so much, they even started a whole new Photoshop tradition with them, called Boucat Toss.

Traditions… those well respected ceremonial habits, maintained over decades, centuries, and who knows, maybe even millenia. However, there are some individuals that seem to get bored of traditions and they feel the need to reinvent some of them. For example, let’s take the bouquet toss at weddings, how about replacing the traditional flowers with a cat and call it BOUCAT?

 Here’s How It Would Look If Brides Were Throwing Cats Instead of Bouquets





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This article is fictional. All images are photoshopped and no animals were harmed or put in danger during or before post-processing.