This Is What Borders Between European Countries Look Like


This Is What Borders Between European Countries Look Like



With all that’s happening around te world these days, and the various initiatives to tighten the borders between European countries, Netherlands-based photographer Valerio Vincenzo is bringing into the spotlight a more inspiring aspect of society through a photo project called Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace. This series shows just how things have changed over the past years after the Schengen Agreement.

This agreement has allowed for many countries in Europe to become in a sense borderless, which in itself symbolises a new step in human evolution and development. This lack of borders doesn’t, of course, mean that people will ever lose their cultural identity. There are nearby settlements all over the world where each has their own specific culture, even though they always belonged to the same country.

Anyway, the Schengen Area is an area comprised of 26 European countries, all of which have renounced passports when it comes to each other and with them, some more than 16,500 kilometres of former borderlines between these countries are now free to crossover and explore.

With a GPS in hand and a set of some detailed maps, Vincenzo went along these borders, photographing how things have taken a turn for the better. Some of these images here show just how little difference there is between actual countries, at least from a geographical point of view, and in a sense, everything is just a whole once limited by imaginary lines. These “lines” made sense back in more primitive times, but in today’s Europe, it’s no longer the case.

Tightening the grip between these nations is a step backwards in our evolution, as these lines are all but imaginary. If you were to be in space, it’s quite hard to see any of these man-made lines anyway.

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