BMW Futuristic Motorbike Is Out Of This World


BMW Futuristic Motorbike Is Out Of This World

BMW Futuristic Motorbike Is Out Of This World
BMW Futuristic Motorbike Is Out Of This World

The BMW Futuristic Motorbike was unveiled late last year at the “Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience” exhibition in Los Angeles. Called, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, the futuristic motorbike is the pinnacle of technology, as well as a zero-emissions solution to getting around in style.

Its design is a deliberate reference to the first ever BMW motorcycle, the R32 from 1923. But this futuristic motorbike has been reinterpreted into a literal modern sculpture on wheels. Its frame appears to be a single, integrated whole that extends from the back all the way to the front. But despite its apparent rigidity, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100’s flexibility allows it to be steered without the many joints you’d find on a conventional motorcycle. And depending on your speed, the Flexframe allows for a varying degree of rigidity.

Besides its obvious and amazing looking design that has a lot of incorporated features and tools, the traditional BMW boxer engine has been exchanged for a zero-emissions drive unit. Its outward appearance also changes depending on the conditions. If the futuristic motorbike is resting, the power unit is compact. But if it’s in motion, it extends outwards, offering it a higher degree of aerodynamics, as well as protecting the rider from the various elements.

The VISION 100 also makes use of state of the art assistance systems which enhance the bike’s stability and overall safety. With it, the futuristic motorbike is automatically balanced both while driving, as well as when it’s stationary. This means that it will never tip over.

The Digital Companion provides situational information to the rider, as well as active support wherever it’s needed. It is in constant operation, but only appears to the rider when the situation requires it. This information between the bike and rider are made largely via the visor.

This visor consists of a pair of data glasses that extends over the rider’s entire field of vision, offering wind protection in the meantime. This visor will show relevant data in a designated area and is controlled by the rider’s eye movements. Looking up or down changes the content while looking straight ahead switches off the display, allowing the rider to focus on the road. Information will only appear on request or if the situation requires it.

The rider’s gear is also something that accompanies this futuristic motorbike. This suit will enhance one’s sense of freedom and will warm or cool the rider depending on the elements. At higher speeds, the neck section inflates so as to offer extra support for the upper vertebrae and improve comfort. This futuristic motorbike does not come with any other safety features since everything that it already has, makes the helmet, or any other protection, completely obsolete.

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