Black and White Shots of the Contorted Human Form


Black and White Shots of the Contorted Human Form


Photographer Lovis Ostenrik’s stark, monochromatic shots are made all the more powerful through their crisp minimalism. The talented artist offers a distinct conceptual style, choosing to “work with the whole body, taking an interest in emotion manifested in corporal postures and movement” within the majority of his imagery. Exhibiting the contorted human form as though it were a sculpture, Ostenrik’s stunning photo series Vexconcav allows for an in-depth visual exploration into the natural angles of the human anatomy.

The Berlin-based photographer opens a dialogue between his audience and himself, exploring reality and our existential questions through the use of his emotional images. By using his craft to desexualize the human body, Ostenrik seeks to “address social taboos evolving around nudity, [and] engage critically with political or social issues.” However, rather than forcing his images to adopt a position of blatant activism, Ostenrik hopes his viewers will opt to engage emotively with his striking works that remain, at all times, pieces of art.

An amazing display of human flexibility and power, to say the least. What do you think about these black and white shots of the contorted human form? Please give us your opinion in the comment section below.


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