Black & White Portraits of Entrancing Dancers


Black & White Portraits of Entrancing Dancers


Vadim Stein from St. Petersburg currently identifies himself as a photographer, videographer, sculptor and stage designer. However, in the past, he also delved into graphic design, art restoration, and even acting. And unsurprisingly, each of his current and past experiences has influenced his current projects. This, unsurprisingly, applies to this series of dramatic dance portraits.

His career as a photographer shortly began after his time spent at the Theatre of Plastic Drama. Located in Kiev, this company offered Vadim Stein a chance at being an actor and a lighting designer. The Theatre of Plastic Drama is an avant-garde organization that presents, let’s say, pantomime-style plays, with no dialogue whatsoever. In a play like that dancers, actors don’t speak. And in order to convey a  message, they have to do it in other ways. So, they rely on body language, corporeal movement and emotive music to communicate and express themselves.

With a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the working taking place both on stage and behind the scene, Stein was able to beautifully bring together and incorporate his passion for movement in his black & white portraits of these dancers.

These photographs present some truly dramatic and dynamic dancers in full motion. Solid, unadorned backgrounds and a stark, black & white aesthetic set a dramatic stage and place all focus on the featured figures as they theatrically twist, bend, and contort themselves into seemingly impossible positions. Some subjects are photographed alone, while others pose in pairs and passionately interact with each other. Whether dressed in discreet undergarments or flowing, draped dresses, the dancers gracefully showcase the strength, skill, and flexibility required by their craft—no words needed.

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