Billionaire Gives Away 99% of His Wealth For The Benefit Of All Of Us



Manoj Bhargava is an accidental billionaire. He’s the founder and CEO of 5-hour-energy, which unexpectedly exploded in popularity and made him super-rich almost overnight. “But what do you do with it?” he asks about wealth in the documentary “Billions In Change”(down below). It’s an initiative Bhargava founded to answer that question. He considers himself a ‘do-er’, a man who refuses to be told something isn’t possible (even by the experts).

What he did was to employ a large group of scientists and inventors, brought them all together and gave them all the resources they needed in order to come up with some truly amazing designs. He gives away 99% of his wealth which is worth around $4bn and bring green electricity to as many people as possible. Today over 3 billion people don’t have access to such a basic necessity, the rest of us in the developed world take for granted.

gives away 99% of his wealth

Manoj Bhargava says: “Service to others seems the only intelligent choice for the use of wealth. The other choices especially personal consumption, seem either useless or harmful.” Which is true if you think about it. Having more than what you need and keeping it just for yourself for no particular reason than just to brag about it, is counter intuitive and highly damaging to the world around you. Money / wealth is finite in the world and by having more than you need actually takes away from somebody else. The biggest problems on planet today are a direct result of the 1% of people who could easily be called “money hoarders”.

Nevertheless, there are some good people around the world. Manoj Bhargava along with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have signed up to the The Giving Pledge, through which the super wealthy promise to donate the majority of their fortune to good causes.