Bike Sonar Helps Police In Catching Drivers Who Squeeze Cyclists



The police already has a hard time in catching drivers that squeeze cyclists in while they are on the road, but with this really cool sonar, they finally receive a much needed help.

The three-foot rule applied in the US is pretty hard to enforce, especially since most of the times is just the cyclist’s word over the driver’s. This newly invented sonar proves to be a very efficient tool for settling such cases, having helped in over 500 tickets last year, in disputes between drivers and cyclists, in Florida.

The Bike Sonar is attached to the bicycle’s handlebar and pings whenever a driver doesn’t respect the three-foot distance rule.


“I think it’s a fine enough line that you really do need some technological proof,” says Christopher Stanton, co-founder of Codaxus, the Austin-based engineering firm that created C3FT (the name spells out “see three feet”), according to FastCo.Exist.

“If you have a thousand cars drive by you a yard away, and one car drive by at two feet, the only thing you go home and talk about is that one person who nudged you,” Stanton added. “So we wanted to have that actual statistic about the real driver behavior profile.”


“Officer Simmons is just a guy with a bunch of drive and ambition,” says Mark Przybysz of Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga. “He had a friend get hit back in ’09 and since then wondered what he could do. He called multiple police departments around the country and everyone said it was impossible, but he kept digging.”

The Bike Sonar is a really cool device and it can be considered yet another step in the process of raising awareness between drivers that don’t consider cyclists as being part of the traffic.