Betty White Stars in ‘Safety: Old School Style,’ An Air New Zealand Flight Safety Video


betty white cover

Flying on commercial planes is common place these days. One can start off in one part of the world and reach the other in more or less than a day. And speaking about the edge of the world; here’s New Zealand and its airline company called, not surprisingly: Air New Zealand.

They’ve made a safety video with the help of the famous and very funny Betty White. If she’s involved, you can be sure the clip will be funny as hell. Called: Safety: Old School Style the video is “teaching” old people from a senior home, the “Second Wind Retirement Resort”, the basics about flying nowadays.

Given the message this kind of video sends, airlines should really go out of their wy to make people pay attention. This being said and thanks to Betty White and some of her friends (like Gavin Macleod of The Love Boat), this video is really funny to look at and we might even be able to learn something new about flying and, God forbid, something in case of an emergency.