Betaray – The Crystal Ball That Puts Solar Power In A New Light


Every second of every day, the sun blasts our planet with roughly 174 quadrillion watts of energy. That’s more than we can even imagine and we’re just only now beginning to tap into this immense amount of power. However, the problem with standard solar panels which we use today is that they are only able to convert around 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity all the while being quite expensive to produce.


This is why a German architect by the name of Andre Broessel came up with a simple yet brilliant design for increasing the power of these solar panels. By incorporating a liquid filled sphere into the original design of photo-voltaic cells, increases the energy output by 34%.

The Betaray is also fitted with a tracking device, making it able to follow the sun on the sky. It can help the solar panels produce energy even on overcast days and can draw energy from the moon on clear nights.


This device is not designed to be used on an industrial level, but rather for private homes and small office spaces. To be fitted in places with limited surface area for solar panel deployment like rooftops and inclined walls. The Betaray is still in the development stage, but once finished and especially if it proves viable, it can change the way rooftops will look like in many cities around the world.