Photographer Gets Lost in the Beauty of Tokyo’s Neon Streets at Night


Photographer Gets Lost in the Beauty of Tokyo’s Neon Streets at Night


Liam Wong injects a unique cyberpunk flavor into his images, casting a light upon the dark corners and back alleys that twist throughout Tokyo; the neon streets. His photographs manage to precisely capture the dynamism of the bustling city lit by bright neon signs and artificial lights, making one question the reality depicted in each photograph. With a distinct futuristic feel, most of Wong’s portfolio gives the sense that you were dropped into the middle of a stylish video game set in Japan’s animated capital.

Wong has a keen eye to accompany a talent for composition and lighting, combining the two to produce these vibrant images. As a graphic design director for Ubisoft, Wong is passionate about both gaming and art. He brings this artistic flair to his photographic approach, showcasing the streets of Tokyo from a surreal, computerized perspective.

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