The Stunning Beauty of Redheads in a Photography Art Book


The Stunning Beauty of Redheads in a Photography Art Book

The Stunning Beauty of Redheads in a Photography Art Book
The Stunning Beauty of Redheads in a Photography Art Book

Redheads are a source of fascination for a lot of people and Brian Dowling, an entertainment photographer working for Getty Images is no exception. His main interest towards redheads came after hearing of a friend of his who was bullied for being ginger. He then took one year off from work and began a project to celebrate the unique beauty of redheads.

Over the course of that year, he took some 130 photographs of redheaded women from across 20 different countries that have a somewhat sizable population of gingers. This said book in entitled “Redhead Beauty“.

When it comes to redheads, they make up just about 1 to 2 percent of the entire world population. This number can rise to about 6 percent in countries located in Northern Europe. During antiquity, some Greek accounts make mention of redheads. The famed Greek poet, Xenophanes describes Thracians to the north as being blue-eyed and with red hair.

Ancient residents of the Tarim Basin, which is now located in northwestern China, were also with red hair and some red-haired mummies from the Caucasian Tarim were dated back to the second millennium BC.


Reddish-brown hair is also found among various groups of Polynesians. Here, it is particularly common in some specific tribes and families. In this culture, redheads are traditionally seen as descendants of high-ranking ancestors and is a mark or rulership.

In any case, take a look at some of Brian Dowling’s photographs and please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Natasha from London, England.
Lisa from Vienna, Austria.
Alina from Odessa, Ukraine.
Elainne from California, USA.
Maria from Moscow, Russia.
Kirstie from Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.
Kim from Hamburg, Germany.
Alina from Kiev, Ukraine.
Alia from Berlin, Germany.
Madeline from Washington State, USA.
Jessica from London, England.
Carmen from Best, Netherlands.
Thayana from Apucarana, Brazil.
Grace from Malahide, Ireland.
Ellie from London, England.
Sophie from Stirling, England
Masha from St. Petersberg, Russia.
Tara from Liverpool, England.
Eilis from Tirrick, Northern Ireland.
Laura from Virginia, USA.
Vanessa from South Africa and Bridget from San Fransico, USA.
Ismee from Texel, Netherlands.
Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine.
Aoife from Longford, Ireland.
Daria from St. Petersberg, Russia.
Shannon from Sydney, Australia.
Sophee from California, USA.
Ruby from Essex, England.
Krissy from Stuttgart, Germany.
Judith from Breda, Netherlands.