The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World


The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

The 12 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World
The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

The 10 most beautiful libraries in the world kind of make you regret that modern technology has taken over the globe and reading books has turned more into a hobby, rather than a normal day-to-day activity like it used to be.

Whilst reading hard copy books is becoming more of a sophisticated way to spend your free time, going to a library to read books is almost an extinct activity in most cities around the world. With a large variety of eBooks and eReaders available at fairly low prices, buying a real palpable book is not something that first pops up in someone’s list of top choices.

However, there are still hopeless romantics in the world, like the people that read real books on the subway, not just Facebook wall posts. This is also the case for the talented Parisian photographer Franck Bohbot. He wanted to revive a library’s unique beauty and charm, in an effort to put the spotlight on books and reading.

Libraries have been a place for gathering and knowledge sharing since ancient times. People gathered in libraries to get the most valuable thing of them all – knowledge! There were no better ways of understating the world around us and how everything works. Everybody had to go to the library to read books in order to understand the world.

1. Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris

2. Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne, Paris

3. Bibliothèque du Sénat, Paris

4. Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome

5. Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne (2), Paris


6. BNF Site François Mitterrand, Paris

7. Boston Public Library, Boston

8. Biblioteca Angelica, Rome

9. Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris

10. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

You could have visited a library, or you could have talked for hours on end with an illuminated mind. Since most illuminated minds would be found in libraries (and bodegas!), this was yet another reasons to visit these wonderful buildings of knowledge.

Franck Bohbot traveled around the globe and created this amazing photo series of the arguably most beautiful libraries in the world. Which one is your favorite? Which one have you visited?