Beautiful Illustrations Showing Celebrities Before and After They Got Famous



Beautiful illustrations showing celebrities before and after they got famous is a series created by artist Fulvio Alejandro. He portrays celebrities like Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, alongside with their younger selves, before they got famous.

The artist manages to capture the essence of these celebrities, before they were famous, showing some random figures that hold inside a dream. The dream of succeeding.

While some of them look almost untouched, as if age didn’t even take a closer look towards them, others are completely changed and you could hardly recognize their younger selves if they weren’t illustrated next to the figures we came to know and love.

Illustrations showing celebrities before and after they got famous are really a hard thing to do because you rarely find photos of famous people from the period when they weren’t famous.

These beautiful illustrations showing celebrities before and after they got famous are very well designed, making us hope that Fulvio Alejandro will continue his series with even more and diverse famous people.

Bill Gates


Steve Jobs


Robert De Niro


Paul McCartney


Michael Jackson


Mick Jagger


Al Pacino