Artist Quits Job to Craft Beautiful Handmade Fairy Tale Book Covers


Artist Quits Job to Craft Beautiful Handmade Fairy Tale Book Covers


Aniko Kolesnikova creates darling journal covers, molded out of clay and rich in dreamy detail. Better known as Mandarin Duck online, this creative lady keeps herself very busy, between filming YouTube tutorials, sculpting items with clay, and crafting various, adorable, homemade pieces. Having quit her job at a fashion studio to devote herself to the creative life full-time, Kolesnikova is a shining example of what can happen when you follow your passion.

From tiny poised foxes, to fantastical dragons and wise owls, Kolesnikova’s beautiful covers have earned her devoted fans who are drawn in by the incredible and whimsical details her creations contain. Based in London, she has found a real place for herself in the artistic community. Her belief in her homemade crafts and the inspiration she finds by connecting with other like-minded creators pushes her to continue developing her skills and abilities.

Besides her lovely journals with three-dimensional faces, Kolesnikova also designs book covers and Kindle cases, available to order through her website.



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