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Bamboo Treehouse Made With No Nails or Screws

Bamboo Treehouse Made With No Nails or Screws

Bamboo Treehouse Made With No Nails or Screws
Bamboo Treehouse Made With No Nails or Screws

A bamboo treehouse doesn’t sound so out of the ordinary, but this one actually is. Designed by Beijing-based architecture firm named Penda, this bamboo treehouse needs no nuts, bolts, nails or screws, and only makes use of plain old bamboo and ropes to stand upright. The concept took second place at the 2016 A’Design Awards, and even though it wasn’t the first, it’s still quite impressive.

In order for a building to be as environmentally friendly as possible, it will first need to be made out of materials found in the vicinity. Concrete, on the other hand, regardless of where it’s from is highly pollutant. This is why Penda makes use of only recycled materials from the area to build their bamboo treehouse. By making use of some clever manoeuvring, the team connect eight rods to form a “knot” and which are then used to create the interlocking walls, per se.

The floors are made in a somewhat similar manner. These bamboo rods are being lashed together to form a continuous surface to walk on. And the whole structure is modular, meaning that the building can be modified, either by adding or removing pieces without affecting the overall integrity of the structure.

For the moment, at least, Penda only has their bamboo treehouse as a prototype. Called, the “Rising Canes,” the treehouse could soon enough become a structure like no other on Earth. After the structure would be put in place, local plants will grow inside, becoming a vertical paradise of sorts. The architecture firm hopes that the project will take off and one day become a full-fledged apartment complex big enough to house an entire community. Hopes are to build a first model outside of Beijing by 2023 with further plans that will extend the project over an area of 250 acres and become the home to over 20,000 people.

If proven to be successful, the bamboo treehouse could be a staple of future buildings, at least in the regions where bamboo is prevalent. The plant grows fast and is a renewable source material. It is as strong as steel and much more flexible, proving to be a tried and true construction material.



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