Ballet Dancing on the Streets of New York as a Brilliant Display of Grace and Beauty


Ballet Dancing on the Streets of New York as a Brilliant Display of Grace and Beauty


Art shouldn’t necessary belong in just specifically designed places. Art should be for everyone. Omar Z. Robles, born in Puerto Rico but now living in New York knows this and has come up with a way to make that happen. By combining the background of a city street, filled with cars, pedestrians and everything we know as urban “real life”, with the elegance and grace of ballet, he’s managed to do just that.

He explained his project in an interview with the Huffington Post:

“Like mime theater, photography [is] an amazing nonverbal communication medium…Yet it allowed [me] to capture fleeting emotions and tell a story for a much longer time than mime theater could.”

“Ballet dancers make us feel as if their movements were truly effortless. This while pushing their bodies to the very extreme of what is humanly possible. It is that grace and elegance which mesmerizes us.”


In order to make his project a reality, he came in contact with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ballet Concierto De Puerto Rico, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the American Ballet Theatre, as well as others. Robles was also the one who chose the time and place of the stills in order to strike the perfect balance between elegance and what’s “real”. He often times, waited until a storm, or the perfect moment of the day in order to take the photograph.

Nothing in these photographs of ballet dancers and a gritty background is left to chance. And everything comes together like clockwork. Car lights, raindrops, elegant movements, and graceful positions, all make these photos what they are.

Robles’ vision: “to break the norm of the everyday, to shatter the monotony of our way of life and portray a world where we could move without the stiff rules of etiquette. To capture the idea of weightlessness, or hovering around town.”

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