Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia


Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia

Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia
Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia

Bad translations have their unique charm and if they’re done completely wrong, you must be living in Asia, because this is where all the textile ‘masterpieces’ have gathered. You could be walking on a street in Beijing, Tokyo or Seoul, and find yourself laughing hilariously at all the funny T-shirts you’ll see.

One thing is clear. Marketing & advertisement were not invented in Asia. Not even close, not even by far… Basically, the traditional fashion sense is that anywhere in the world, if you buy something that has English written all over it, you should at least understand what the message says.

However, most of these people, possibly had no other option, not to mention the kids whose parents got them those godawful T-shirts. Yes, some parents really don’r care that much about the message, as long as the colors are right. If the shoe fits… Pardon! T-shirt. If the T-shirt fits, who cares what’s written on it.

We can only imagine how English speakers in Asia may feel like, whenever they come across such ‘fashion statements’ like ‘Who the F.#k is Jesus?’ or a girl wearing a dress that says ‘Whore’. If only they knew…

Thanks to BoredPanda who asked its readers to share some of the weirdest and funniest clothes they came across in real life, we are now able to enjoy these beautifully ironic images.

Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia
Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia


Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia
Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia


When English is not your first or second language...
When English is not your first or second language…


When English is not your first or second language...
When English is not your first or second language…


When English is not your first or second language...
When English is not your first or second language…


When English is not your first or second language...
When English is not your first or second language…



































  • John Q Smith

    Good Stuff

  • Moose Knucke Jones

    Laughing so hard I’m crying.

  • Rune Bjørnsen

    The only thing I learned from this is that Asians have a sense of humor, while native English speakers are a bunch of over sensitive prats….but I knew that from experience…

    • seldom seen smith

      Prease excuse

  • Hongyan Jack Xu

    Do you know the difference between bad translation and rude language?

  • Tomfom

    Lol, I love the faggot frog. I don’t think people realize even for one second that if we had the most offensive language in China or Japan printed on a shirt, we wouldn’t give two shits. Ooo look at all the pretty little kanji BS on my shirt! So pretty! We don’t give a shit about their’s, they don’t give a shit about our’s.

    • Heather

      You notice how on that shirt there’s not one derogatory word for an Asian….don’t tell me the maker of that shirt doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      • pinecity

        Actually, most of them have no idea what they mean. It’s just very fashionista to have a shirt with English on it.

      • Andy Wain

        It’s actually a truncated reprint of a t-shirt that Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine used to wear. RATM are a very anti-racism band, it is worn ironically. His version has four additional words on it, “kike, chink, spic, beaner”. It looks like they just ran out of space on the shirt.

        • Mazoola

          Yeah, but while Morello’s strikes me as little more than self-satisfied smartassedness (kind of like RATM, now I think about it), the cut, fabric, and style of the Chinese? Japanese? variation elevates it into the surreal and plops it on the border with dada….

          • Steve Rogers

            pretty sure that shirt was pulled from a bit from George Carlin actually.

  • fuck political correctness, i want most of these.

  • MikeMcCarthy

    I never got a picture of it and still regret that but I seen a T shirt on a cute teenager gril here (Japan) with the message “Fuck me hard”

    • Stoatwblr

      If you told her what it meant she might have let you.

      • MikeMcCarthy

        Only in my dreams

        Sent from Mail.Ru app for Android Monday, 08 August 2016, 10:00AM +09:00 from Disqus :

  • Jodie Suzanne Cooper

    Great list. Most aren’t bad translations though. One of them is a David Shrigley print on a tshirt.

  • Shea Roberts

    Once saw one in Japan that said “I <3 Hot Moms" worn by a girl who had to be in elementary school.

    • Jim Sterrett

      I taught in japan for a while and a 10 year old girl had a shirt that had some angry rant on it like don’t preach to me don’t tell me how to live don’t fuck with me or I will fuck you up kinda thing. I started laughing uncontrollably and asked her if she understood what was on her shirt. Nope. Not a clue. And my Japanese wasn’t good enough to to explain it

  • Warren Lauzon

    Some of the ads, including TV ads, are almost as bad. A couple years ago a Kpop hit video the original version had the background wall plastered with fake graffiti such as “fuk u nigger” and the like. It was redone a few days later. But the “Asian” tattoos that westerners get can be just as bad, and just as stupid if you know Japanese/Korean/Chinese characters.

    • Stoatwblr

      I’m pretty sure that some of the kanji tattoos say “stupid white guy”

  • Warren Lauzon
  • Heather

    Most of these shirts are fine….but inappropriate for elementary students. I once taught a 1 year old who had a bib with Fuck on it. And there’s the classic dress I saw in the store, it said “Time to fuck” on it. There’s a rape waiting to happen.

  • Psylent

    Bah it’s just the same when the west tattoo’s asian characters on them selves and it’s just the menu/recipe for chicken for example

    • Danny

      It’d save a lot of time in Chinese – point to the tattoo on your right arm for Sweet&Sour chicken – then your left arm for the special fried rice.

      • JayDee Cook

        I have one that says chicken and broccoli

    • bizoune

      I worked with a girl that had a “refrigerator” tattoo in her neck thinking it ment “strength”. It was perfect on her. She was a cold heart B.

    • Cpl Punishment

      then get a T-shirt that says “Happy Ending” with an Arrow pointing down?

      • Scott McDonnell

        I did see a man who had “Round eyed cunt” tattooed on his arm in japanese, wonder what he had done to upset his tattooist

  • Who cares? As long as it has something that (looks like English) on the shirt then it’s cool….I doubt anybody in their community cares either – only photo snapping foreigners notice these things. The t-shirts may as well be written in Klingon for all they know.

  • Miss Shaharzad

    My classmate used to wear a t shirt whisch says, “porn ⛤” on it.. and she wore it with pride.. a guy colleague asked her if she had any movies made yet.. and she was still clueless..

    • Demo

      Porn star clothes are sold at Hot Topic.

  • chinaman03

    no, it’s not bad translation! get it people! asians just don’t give a damn about PC. we just love the fun.

    • seldom seen smith

      The chinaman is not the issue here, dude.

      • Brooke Sherman

        Um. Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian American, dude.

        • Mazoola

          (Pssst! Check the handle of the guy to whom he’s replying!)

          • Vinnie

            Pssst….watch more Cohen brothers movies…

          • Mazoola

            I am chagrined: How could I remember the first part of that quote but not the second? — especially as the first is mainly set-up for the second. ‘Oy, vey!’ as either of the Cohen [ahem] brothers might say.

        • Andy Wain

          Even the ones that live in China?

  • dukeeastwood
  • ahmet

    I have seen one old lady about 50 with a t-shirt written “I like group dates” and she smiled at me

  • Cant see anything wrong with most of them…

  • Well the first photo (“wussup haters”) wasn’t shot in Asia though, and one could find it almost offensive that the writer has perhaps jumped to the conclusion that “here’s some idiot in Asia wearing this shirt” because the person wearing the t-shirt looks Asian. My guess is the photo was shot in New York (clearly looks like that in the background) and the person actually understands the message in his shirt. Which, if true, is awesome and also, I want one of those shirts myself. Wussup haters! 😉

    • Vinnie

      Shut up…fire trucks with American flags are everywhere in Asia. Totally… 😉

    • Fishplate

      6th Ave. at 14th St.

  • Jimmy Littlefield

    It’s like when I see hip kids wearing shirts here in the US with Asian writing etc they
    don’t know what it says and they don’t care…..

  • celtic_savage

    My ex girlfriend was a theatre actress.. one day she thought it would be cool to get the Japanese character for actress on the small of her back. So she went into a tattoo artist and got it done… a couple of years later a Japanese friend of hers saw it and said.. “hmmm…. that’s an interesting tattoo.. why did you choose that word?” She explained that it was because she was into theatre and she liked the beauty of the symbols… he laughed and said that the word she wanted was actually supposed to be 2 characters put together. The first part of the word on its own would mean “yes” but it was missing the key symbol that would make it say what she wanted. So she has “YES” tattooed on the small of her back – pretty funny.

    • SC


  • Sxullpunch

    How is this English translated to English? You would think there would be some type of actual translation going on like English sayings into Chinese.

  • SC

    I would say about half of those (obviously not including the kid ones) are being worn ironically.
    Asians are as ignorant as we in the West sometimes think…

  • Mike

    I was in Mexico, a local wore a “Bad English” tshirt.

  • aorobert

    Best post all year! This is awesome!

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  • Jamie Rellis

    More! More! I want more! LMAO

  • Migotsi

    Whats wrong with OBA MAO? I’d like that one 😀

  • Jtown

    Somebody knew exactly what they were doing…

    “Here, design a shirt. Put some English on it.”
    “Sure thing, boss. (Hehehe…)”

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  • Wurnman

    anal one was great…