You Won’t Believe All The Awesome Features This Tiny Camper Is Hiding


You Won’t Believe All The Awesome Features This Tiny Camper Is Hiding


This tiny camper, the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, boasts that it provides “modern comfort in a classic style” while being small enough to hook up to a 4-cylinder car to tow just about anywhere your wanderlust-filled heart can imagine.

The teardrop camper grew in popularity from the 1930’s to the 1960’s and has remained a favorite among those with a more old-fashioned sense of style. Gidget, the Australian company behind this adorable tiny camper, says that it started developing their models over two years ago. They hoped to design the best teardrop camper in the world by paying attention to every minute detail and including affordable yet specially-crafted features that are normally found in high-budget caravans.


After stretching the tiny camper out, the interior becomes big enough for people to stretch out on the queen bed it holds. There’s also enough room for plenty of storage on the walls, a large flat-screen TV, windows on each side of the bed, and a nice sunroof to let in some natural light or gaze at the stars. Despite its initial small size, the interior actually looks pretty roomy (and super cute) after the camper is pulled open to capacity.


Once you’ve explored the inside of the tiny camper, you can head around to the back of the exterior and pop the trunk to reveal a beautiful kitchen with all of the essentials. The sink is covered in a glass plate, has a pop-up faucet to save space, and releases pressurized water. There are small shelves with high wood panels to safely store any loose kitchen goods you might want to bring along while you bump along on your trip. One cabinet stylishly holds a cooler large enough to house more perishable items than you’ll probably need and two middle cabinets to store even more extra kitchen goods. The last drawer is actually a pull-out two-burner stove so that you can whip up delicious foods while you camp.

The camper also features many other miscellaneous but very important components, such as LED lighting, USB and 12V outlets, high-quality wood and craftsmanship, a solar power system, and much more. Watch the video below to see these awesome features for yourself: