Artists Replace 600 Advertisements Throughout Paris in Wake Of COP21



Days before the world conference for climate change (COP21) which takes place in Paris, a group of 82 artists from 19 different countries have come together to urge people to care more about climate change and the world we live in. Some say they were able achieve their goals. In order to do it, the activists replaced 600 advertisements around the French capital, with different artworks depicting different corporations and world leaders which are accomplices to the destruction of the world’s climate.

Their main goal was to make a relation between consumerism, advertising and climate change. Then it’s no wonder that this change of look in advertisement around Paris took place on Black Friday, the day the group refers to as the “annual day of consumerist frenzy.”

The group said in a statement:

“Despite the state of emergency banning any gathering, following the attacks of 13 November in Paris, [the] Brandalism project, conducted with Parisian activists, has placed throughout the city hundreds of unauthorized artwork[s]. These posters emphasize the links between advertising, consumerism, dependence on fossil fuels and climate change.

We take possession advertising space because we want to denounce the role that advertising plays in promoting a consumerism unsustainable. The advertising industry feeds our desires for products based on the exploitation of fossil fuels, which have a direct impact on climate change. As for the climate negotiations and side events sponsored by large companies, the outdoor advertising allows more rich to ensure that their voice is heard beyond all others. “ 

To see more about what they did and what happened exactly, please watch the video below as well as the full gallery of advertisements here.