Artist Reinterprets Vintage Italian Brands Into Sneakers


Artist Reinterprets Vintage Italian Brands Into Sneakers

Artist Reinterprets Vintage Italian Brands Into Sneakers
Artist Reinterprets Vintage Italian Brands Into Sneakers

With globalisation, national brands all over the world become diluted into the mess that is the entire globe. Old-timers might remember their respective national brands, but the newer generation has little or no idea what’s theirs and what’s not. This is why Italian designer Gianluca Gimini created a project by the name of Sneakered where, in an effort to promote Italian brands to the newer generation, has made those respective brands to be represented as modern-day sneakers. 

So, with that being said, here are these sneakers and the Italian brands they stand to represent.

These representative Italian brands are:

Nike Roshe Run sneakers become Pino Silvestre Roshe Runs – a male-targeted shampoo and perfume in a pine cone shaped bottle

Nike Uptempos become PIP Uptempos, a brand of liquorice designed to mask smoker’s breath.

Maison Margiela, Lacoste, and Adidas gain Tassani citrus soda, Cynar artichoke liquor, and Cielo Alto hair spray editions.

“This project is intended to be fun and entertaining, so if you don’t feel like reading the description you can just scroll down and you will for sure catch the sense of it just by looking at the pictures.

Recently I realized that many examples of exquisite Italian design are becoming terribly endangered, simply because they don’t have a market. I have found that, except for tin boxes and few other items, it is close to impossible to find specimens of vintage packages for supermarket goods, although there are examples of excellent design even among plastic soap bottles and candy wrappers.

What a pity it would be to lose memory of this great treasure! Most of today’s Italian 20-year-olds have probably never even seen these package designs before! My idea is that this project could help spread some awareness and appreciation for these dated designs.

To do so we enter a fictional world in which these brands (all of which in reality have a rather old and conservative target market) decide to boost their popularity among the young through a series of co-branded sneakers” she wrote.