Apple Pencil, Just a $100 Stylus?


Apple had their annual September event, in which they presented new Apple products and announcements. One of these products was the iPad Pro (Basically a larger iPad Air), with an accessory called… Apple Pencil, and the reaction of the audience was priceless:

Right… So the first thing that jumps to one’s mind is that Apple brags about inventing a stylus (hated by Steve Jobs) for a tablet, in 2015. But is it just a stylus?


From the brief presentation and details listed on their website, Apple Pencil gives the user the ability of drawing and making notes right on the screen and with a pressure sensor, you can draw thicker or thinner lines. Not impressed yet? It can also draw shades, probably even 50 of them, and with no delay.

One particular thing caught my attention, and it’s the fact that the Apple Pencil has a 12 hour battery life.


And I’m not amazed by the battery life as a duration, but by the fact that the Apple Pencil needs power, that it needs to be charged and recharged. But why, Apple? Does it have a flashlight?

I guess all our questions will be answered when the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil will be released (November 2015).